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"More Energy with Pellets"

As my physician, Dr. Sekine introduced the hormone pellet therapy to me back in July 2011.  I had complained to him of having no energy, no "umph", and no desire to do anything but come home from work and be a couch potato - no quality of life for me.


I started hormone pellet therapy and within two-weeks my whole life changed. I began having more energy, I joined a Zumba class and ended up losing 40 pounds, which I have kept it off. I also didn't realize that my sleeping and my libido had been effected until I started the hormone pellet therapy.


At 56-years-old, getting a good nights sleep and the desire/pleasure of sex again, I just can't tell you how the pellets have have changed my life. I can't thank Dr. Sekine enough for recommending pellet hormone therapy!


- Marcia

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"Feeling Half My Age"

How do you thank the doctor who changed your life?  I think it's by sharing my experience with others, so he can help them feel as great as I do!!


From the ages of 52-58 I suffered through many of the body changes and discomforts that menopause brings. I was taking prescription HRT and still suffering with low libido and vaginal dryness (which is very uncomfortable). I shared my tales of woe with Dr. Sekine as I'm sure many other women did, but he truly LISTENED to me and decided to do something about it. His something was studying and learning about a better way to treat menopausal symptoms with SottoPelle hormone replacement pellet therapy. Boy does it work, and it keeps on working.


I'll be 62 in a few days and my libido is as good as it was at 32. I have more energy than people half my age, I feel amazing and super comfortable in my own skin.  All I can say is thank you for listening and learning about SottoPelle therapy Dr. Sekine, and thank you for helping make my senior years some of the best years of my life!!


Ladies, stop suffering and give Dr. Sekine a call, those pellets truly changed the quality of my life, and it can do the same thing for you! Thank you so much Dr. Sekine!


- Judi

"I Am a Believer"

I am a 53-year-old woman who had a hysterectomy age 51. My first revelation that I needed more than the hormone patch is when it wasn’t working!!! My thought process was not as clear, I was getting more forgetful, and the highlight of my day was standing in the refrigerator section of Costco in a tank top! Nighttime wasn’t fun either. Even with the home air conditioning at 65 degrees, the cold air could not stop the warm rush that would go through my body and keep me up all night. How about the lack of sex because it “hurt”.


I decided to seek additional guidance from the “Doc” who delivered my two boys, Dr. Kenneth Sekine. He recommended the “Pellets,” and desperate I said, “let’s try it”. It took two to three weeks to make a significant impact. My first round of pellets lasted two months. Dr Sekine then adjusted the dosage. My 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds lasted three months. The most recent round of pellets have lasted five months, and they are not wearing off just yet.


Since I have been on pellet therapy I have felt fantastic. No hot flashes, increased energy, and sex no longer hurts. The only downside I have noticed is that my hair grows faster, which isn't a bad trade-off to feel great all the time. I highly recommend pellets!


- Jackie

"A Huge Difference with Pellet Therapy"

I have been a patient of Dr. Sekine's since 1987.  Dr. Sekine truly cares about his patients and listens to their concerns.  When Dr. Sekine told me about pellet therapy, I knew it was for me.  Pellet therapy has helped me tremendously - no more hot flashes, mental fatigue or mood swings.  My hair loss has slowed, and my energy level has increased greatly!


Pellet therapy has been a blessing to me.  I recommend it highly.  I am fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Sekine.  Dr. Sekine is an exceptional doctor and goes out of his way to ensure his patients are health needs are met.  I am so thankful that Dr. Sekine offers pellet therapy - it has made a huge difference in my life.


- Kelly

"Pellet Therapy is the Way"

I have been with Dr. Sekine now for 31 years, and I feel he is the best OB/GYN in Jacksonville, Florida. He delivered my two daughters and my oldest daughter is now seeing him. He is compassionate and always determined to learn new ways to help his patients that are bothered by hormonal unbalance.


I was 27 years old when I had my hysterectomy, and Dr. Sekine prescribed me hormone pills which I took for 25 years. About two years ago I talked with him about how I was feeling on the hormone pills. He did some blood work done and told me that my hormone levels were really low. He told me about a new type of hormone therapy that involved pellets being inserted under the skin, so I decided to try it.


I could immediately tell the difference in how I felt. I have had no hot flashes, an increase in energy, lost weight, and my sex life is even better. This original pellets lasted for two years, and this past March I had a second round inserted. I would recommended for woman with low hormones to opt for the pellets over the pills.


Dr. Sekine, thank you so much for what you have done for me. You are the best!


- Sallie

"Lifting the Fog"

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Sekine since 2000, when I was young with a healthy relationship with my spouse. Then in 2011, I started to feel moody, lack of energy, and could not get a good night of sleep. Fortunately for me, Dr. Sekine took the time to listen and recommended comprehensive blood work to determine problem. He started me on hormone pellet therapy treatment and within three days I felt like the fog lifted and my life was back to normal. The pellets made such a difference that I talked my husband into going to see Dr. Sekine. We’re both on the hormone pellet therapy and believers in the benefits. Wow!!


- Denise

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